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Front-end developer, based in US

Dictionary App

I immersed myself in React development in SheCodes React. I used my knowledge of this highly-demanded framework to build a working dictionary app incorporating coding best practices, along with the most popular tools and technologies.

Weather-React App

I built a this app upon my previously-gained knowledge of JavaScript. I also became skilled in Bootstrap, API’s, real-life development workflow, hosting, advances JavaScript technics and React. I combined all of these skills to create a fully-functioning weather app.

World clock App

A world time JavaScript application is a handy tool that allows users to effortlessly check the current time in various locations around the globe. By leveraging JavaScript's Date object and time zone libraries, this application provides accurate data.

Travel page

This page was inspired by some time spent in Italy and is created with advanced CSS properties. It offers a visually stunning and immersive experience. It incorporates intricate layouts and responsive design to showcase my knowledge.

Job offer

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